Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Nairn Town Centre Plan - Interesting comments stacking up on the NICE survey page

The controversial King Street development is making headlines in the Nairnshire Telegraph this week and the editorial in the paper centres on the ongoing arguments for and against the development. 

Anyway if you have any thoughts about what is best for the town centre then this survey page over on the NICE website may be of interest to you and also the comments entered below it.


Steve said...

Good Morning,

Please may I implore of your readers to contact their two local Councillors who are on the South Planning Applications Committee to vote against this planning application next Tuesday. They represent this town at the Planning Committee, and I believe they will vote for it, yet there has NOT been one community body in Nairn consulted about it. Do they think this is democratic in these days of Community Empowerment to plan this development, along with HC Officers eighteen months ago without the folk in Nairn being consulted?

Shame on them for dismissing our rights.

Yours Sincerely,

Steve .........

Anonymous said...

The two Nairn Councillors on the SPAC voted against a site visit taking place.

More democracy in action!!!

Let's have a big protest in the car park on Monday, the day before this application is determined by SPAC.

Graisg said...

@ anon re planning comments from folk involved in an organisation, would need list so as could ask organisation for comment.

Anonymous said...

NICE are really grasping at straws here. The majority of comments on the planning portal are positive and from reading the comments on social media they are in favor of this development. Is that not a sign that it should be supported by the elected members? This is the first step in getting development happening and improving the town center in a real way. Nice need to realize how development works in the real world and work with the council in moving forward. The whole direction of travel in the world of urban design is to move away from cars and parking and get local people using their legs as that is better for the environment and everyone's health! We need some parking but this should not be a fundamental part of any project. Town and Cities are for people not cars! Trying to stop this because of a few parking spaces is so narrow minded. One does wonder if this was a development of luxury flats and a posh office for professional folk would the nature of the objections be the same?

Graisg said...

Comments closed now folks.

HI folks don't want to get into comments about where objections and pro comments come from and motivations and links with organisations etc. It's free for anyone to submit comments to planning applications. People can go and have a look at them all too.