Wednesday, January 13, 2021

It kicks off at Nairn River CC AGM but Highland Councillor Ron MacWilliam does a great job calming things down

High drama as Ron took the chair for the election of office bearers and it was certainly dramatic as the factions split 6-6 for Hamish Bain and Peter Gibson for the Chair but a cut of the cards secured it for Hamish as the Ace of Diamonds put him back in his role.

Then it was Simon Noble who became the Secretary after another cut of the cards and then with yet another cut Veronica MacKinnon became Treasurer.

Ron calmed several outbreaks of dissent by calmly listening to points of order and even took a conflict of interest claim by fellow Highland Councillor Liz MacDonald well and dealt with that effectively. 

A lot of unhappiness and there will be reverberations but Ron, here at the Gurn, we thought that you did a great job - a job that would have been impossible for any of our four regular Councillors given the recent history of events at Nairn River Community Council. 

But for River CC a nightmare scenario as the Chair and Secretary are now from the two opposing factions - the split is as deep as ever. 

Ironically Ron commentated before the vote on how he had never seen so many people at a Community Council meeting and how it indicated that people were passionate about their town.


Anonymous said...

Just watched the shambles,it was a sorry sight to see its split down the middle very divided, it could not have been easy for Ron MacWilliam but I think overall he handled it well under very difficult circumstances, noticed reporter Donald Wilson watching so it will be very interesting what will be published, look forward to reading next weeks Inverness Courier/ Nairnshire on Tuesday !!!, PS it was a shame that the public were not allowed to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

What are the 2 camps?
The Jets and the Sharks?
Cavaliers and Roundheads?
Lochloy Loafers and The Shankies?
Why just 2 camps?

Anonymous said...

Yes Graisg, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Ron was magnificent, a very experienced Highland Councillor, all credit to him. I doubt even the Ward Manager could have dealt with that meeting.
Of course some of the members kicked off, they are the dissenting members who have been causing trouble for a long time now.

Anonymous said...

I remember fondly the days of Jeanne Tolmie as chair of the River CC. She would have sorted them out in a flash, changed days.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank everyone who volunteers to support Nairn as a CC . The job is unpaid and in normal times includes attending lots of different meetings and reading lots of information. It also involves understanding how local politics work - all this while remaining apolitical whilst dealing with CC matters . Above all CC’s are elected to promote the best for Nairn whilst working with different people on many levels.
Personally I know the difficulties . I really hope with the beginning of a new era for NRCC the interests of Nairn will overcome personal divisions. Good luck .
Ex NRCC member

GS said...

Anonymous @ 10:AM i am sure the new Chair Hamish Bain is more than capable of representing the community. He has his finger very much on the pulse regarding Nairn issues, and he is more than qualified for the position. Important to mention he has no conflict of interest or personal agenda.

Anonymous said...

I have just got out of bed I thought I had a terrible nightmare but just realized I was not dreaming I really did watch the Nairn River CC AGM Comedy Show last night, Bruce Forsyth the host of Play your cards right from a few years back would have been ideal for The Chair, mind you Mr MacWilliam did not a bad job as the dealer.

Paul said...

Anonymous at 1:52 PM

You have just got out of bed!!! How sad.
Nothing better to do than criticise decent people elected to represent their community.

Jimmy said...

Ii's pathetic to hear that some members of NRCC have taken to social media to disrespect other members. They have broken the Code of Conduct for Community Councillors, at the meeting and on another platform. The proverb about those who shout the loudest comes to mind.

Richard said...

Does anyone know who the guy was standing up doing all the shouting? What a disgrace.

Safety Occum said...

GS's comment has just given me the best laugh I've had in ages..... pity Trump's just about out on his backside, as they could have got a job as his speech writer......

One of the biggest problems in Comm Councils in the area is the creeping invasion of political affiliation into its ranks. It's now seen as an entry level platform into politics & is none the better for it.

Along with the anonymous comment above, it shows that as one of the larger Comm Councils in the region it should perhaps take a look at some of the smaller CCs in the area, with a view to actually achieving and better grasping the understanding that , wherever you stand in the political structure, being a constant source of aggravation, criticism & negativity does nothing to endear you to those that have to deal with.

Eventually River CC may , and should, achieve what it is capable of.....but it's very likely going to need a major change in philosophy and some new blood, before it does.

Good luck....

Anonymous said...

Sadly, our Community Councils have little (and will continue to have little) power.
Our only hope is that after independence we have a wholesale review of local government across Scotland.
Nairnshire needs its own Council back. So should Lochaber and all the other old Districts of Highland
Our largest community council had problems maintaing basic accounts.
Nairn River always appeared to be constructive and collaborative.
Currently, who knows how things will evolve.
Razor-sharp at 10.39 "trumps" about an "entry level" into politics.
Any evidence?
Did any of our 4 esteemed Highland Councillors climb the community council pole?
I think it is better to know our Councillors' political allegiances - that doesn't stop them doing what's best for Nairn.

Anonymous said...

Should members of Green Hive or the BID not declare their interests if standing?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting meeting. Can it still be viewed online anywhere to let us see what all the fuss is about?

Graisg said...

Closing comments here now. People wish to say things about Nairn BID and Green Hive. Here at the Gurn we do not have the resources to check the information and details you are presenting anonymously. If you are really sure of your facts why not put your name to the information and publish the details on social media?