Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Nairn's housing crisis - could radical ideas be better than conventional development if people are willing to see homes on Sandown?

There is a housing crisis in the Highlands and young people especially are missing out on the opportunity of getting a home. The ongoing consultation for Sandown is about whether the Common Good land should be sold to a developer - but is that sort of conventional development not going to solve much at all? Single person's housing is by far the greatest need and developers like building bigger homes for sale.  Here's a screenshot of a post from Facebook that we shared. Is this sort of out of the box solution something we should be considering? 


Anonymous said...

looks like a glorified pig sty

Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting. I'd love to see some radical thinking on housing in Nairn. Eco homes, affordable kit homes. Anything but the bland, characterless, unaffordable developments springing up everywhere. It would be really interesting to see some proposals by companies like Machar, or more encouragement/incentives for interesting ecologically friendly self builds. And while we are at it, can they and the streets they are in have unique names relating to where they are? No more 'Sunnysides' and 'Valley Views'!