Friday, January 08, 2021

The Nairnshire Courier to hit the streets - well more or less as the Tuesday Courier gets a massive Nairnshire makeover

The new News from Nairnshire Facebook page reads:"

"Introducing the new Nairnshire edition of the Inverness Courier 

The Inverness Courier is expanding its coverage of Nairnshire by providing a new weekly Nairnshire edition which will be available to purchase in local shops from Tuesday 12th January.
There will also be a section on the Inverness Courier website dedicated to Nairnshire coverage so that you can get the news, events, arts and sport linked to Nairn, Croy, Cawdor, Dalcross, Auldearn and Tornagrain, as soon as it happens. 
Make sure to give our Facebook page a like  and pick up a copy of the Nairnshire edition of the Inverness Courier from Tuesday 12th January."

 The Gurn also understands that local journalist Donald Wilson has been deployed by  HNmedia to help fill the big local news vacuum left by the demise of the Nairnshire Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

No thanks from this Nairnite, I've had enough of Nairnshire reporting in the last few months.

Anonymous said...

£1.20 a copy - twice the price of the real thing!
Would charging £1.20 have been enough to keep the Nairnshire alive?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:51 AM I agree with you. The town has been losing it's identity for a long time now. The 'Nairnshire Telegraph' had its own view of local politics. The people of Nairn are more knowledgeable and informed than they gave them credit for, they are well aware of how Nairn has become disenfranchised at the hands of elected members.

Anonymous said...

Just bought The Inverness Courier { Nairn Edition } at £1.20 a copy, was it worth the cost? I don't think so, mostly old news which I have read before, but I will give it time to see how things progress, reporter is a Nairn Loon Donald Wilson who will have his contacts so I hope he manages to get some exclusive stories I wish him well, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for The Leopold Street Thunderer offices, & the three printing machines which still remain in the building.

Happy retirement to the editor Iain Bain will miss his weekly leader, & to reporter John Dolan

Two Minutes Silence said...

Not overly impressed so far. Half the content for twice the price. Can surely only improve from here.
Credit where it is due though, a very nice and well deserved obituary for Jock Cameron the Piper.