Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anyone need their heads turned back round the right way? It can happen in our village it seems? The Gurn thought the only real danger was the A96!

Oh for goodness sake can't the Daily Mail talk about the things that really matter in Nairn, like 'dense schemes' and Post offices and the overwhelming sensuality of custard slices in Ashers?

Look at this bull:

'It's no wonder that heads turn in Nairn when they see Swinton, Byrne or, very occasionally, Kopp out shopping in the village.'
Sod off and leave them alone you dead-tree deadbeat plonkers!

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Spelding said...

Doubt if anyone in the town really cares what the resident ‘celebrity’ gets up to! As usual it’s some righteous indignation manufactured by the media to sell their papers. What really pisses me off it is the inability of the press/media to get the fact that Nairn is in NAIRNSHIRE, not Invernessshire, Inverness-shire, Moray etc!!!

If they can’t get that basic fact right, what does it say for the rest of their reporting?