Thursday, February 14, 2008

A day in April 1978

Thanks to Gordon for this pic downloaded from his flickr site. He writes on his site:
Apologies for the quality of the print - included for rarity - historic interest. This was the first visit of an HST to Inverness for publicity purposes, in advance of these fine trains being introduced on Inter City services from Aberdeen to London.This is the train passing Nairn. The passing time was announced in the local paper - the Nairnshire Telegraph - and resulted in a decent crowd of spectators to witness the passing of the HST.

Another of Gordon's pictures soon. Thanks Gordon, he tells the Gurn,
'My family lived in Nairn 1968 to 1982. I was at the Academy 1968 - 1973. Happy days, we still visit. Lovely town'

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