Monday, February 18, 2008

Former Green MSP demonstrates why she is a former Green MSP

The P&J reports today:

'Local Green Party activists have given their support to Forestry Commission Scotland's plans for an eco-housing development in woods near Nairn.

But they want to see more affordable houses included in the scheme at Kilnhill Wood, Lochloy.

The Forestry Commission submitted proposals for 32 houses, eight chalets and community services last week.

Green Party spokeswoman Eleanor Scott said: "We believe that this has the potential to be an innovative scheme which would give people the chance to live and work in a woodland setting.'

She has some reservations however,

"We also believe that the sewage issue must be considered, and that all agencies should work together to find an on-site, environmentally friendly way of dealing with sewage from the houses in the wood.

"We believe this development must become much more than just a group of nice eco-friendly houses - it must be about creating a truly sustainable community".

Well the problem is that everyone that lives in the country has a car and that will mean at least 40, 50, 60 cars coming down Lochloy Road every day? Many people are opposed to this scheme because the road out that way is just not up to it at the moment and people fear a serious accident. Just how will the folk from the truly sustainable community get their kids to school? Will the folk in the 'truly sustainable community have their own truly sustainable supermarket and truly sustainable petrol station? Maybe our former green msp knows something we don't - will cars be banned?
'See you later darling, just taking the handcart down to Nairn.'

Wake up Scottish Green Party!
Green the towns and less of this rubbish, if you want another nice scheme in the country for
the reasonably well-off light-green brigade, then just admit it!

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