Sunday, June 05, 2016

Carnival atmosphere in town as massive turnout for fun run and 10 mile races hits the road - pictures

The charity fun run and 10 mile races really brought the town alive today with some pretty good music playing too. Here's just a couple of pictures from today's events with many, many more to be uploaded when time permits. Check the Gurn flickr pages later or in the morning for more images. 

A few hundred images now up on Flickr here, many more to come. Anyone who couldn't make it today can still donate online here. The race and the fun run were held to raise funds for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, and Calums cabin.
More details here.

Update: 1200 images of a wonderful afternoon now posted on the Gurn flickr pages and another 650 to follow today.

Update: that's nearly 1800 up now from Gurn photographers. More to come from Murray MacRae and Donald Matheson later. 


Anonymous said...

Great to see the whole community coming together to support this valuable cause. The question in the community centre rather than being fustrating were inspiring as so many more turned out than the organisers could ever dream of. Thank you and good luck to one special family #teamhamish

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Congratulations to every single participant and volunteer and well wishers. I have a friend whose son was treated in Yorkhill many years ago. He is now in his late 20s and doing fine, which is an absolute miracle and thanks to the wonderful care he received there. I hope there are not too many sore feet or sunburn :)