Friday, June 24, 2016

Woman in Nairn loses £26,000 to scammers - Police warning

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Anonymous said...

I read similar story last week, but the location was Forres. Is this two scams with the same amount stolen, or is the location wrongly attributed? Not that it matters, keep safe out there. Don't answer the phone (get caller id set up on your land line) to any unknown numbers. I received a call from an 0844 number yesterday, I didn't answer it, but they phoned at least 12 times during the day. I checked on line and not only is is a nuisance call, it has been listed as a potentially dangerous scam number. Mobile phones display the number that is calling so you can easily choose to answer or not. I wish the land line companies would have the same facility without having to pay extra per month (as BT) for it.