Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Survey night 1: Make the regeneration of the Riverside Play Park a reality


Have I missed something said...

When was it decided that this was happening at the riverside? Thought the best place was at the Links?

play the fool said...

Good point by @Have I missed something

If - as we all know - money is tight (whether from public sources like the Council or other providers like the lottery), then priority ought to be given to the facilities along the beachfront at the Links and in the Leisure Park, which are available to everyone including visitors, day-trippers, and other tourists as well as residents wherever they live in the town.

The Riverside playpark is far less visible and accessible to such visitors and would be an amenity mainly for those local families/children who live nearby.

The money ought to be spent where it delivers the greatest benefit to the largest range and number of people. Improve the Links area first....