Sunday, February 19, 2017

Big day in the Courthouse tomorrow - Nairnshire Committee - open to the public too!

To be revealed in the Courthouse tomorrow (Monday 20th February) are the plans for Nairn Harbour. The members of the Harbour Working Group who have been diligently going about this task are:

Michael Green -  Chair
Tony Usher – HC Harbours Manager
Robbie Barron – Nairn Harbour Master
Ken Killham – Commodore Nairn Sailing Club
Dave Duthie – Nairn Sailing Club
Jamie Walker – Nairn Kayak Club
Matthew Hilton – NICE
Steven Bain – River CC
Eric Wardlaw – Tour operator and harbour user

Then there will be the discussion on the Common Good and the fisheries payment. Will the latest recommendation from the officials to put the matter out to expert opinion go through without a hitch? This observer has a feeling that might not go too smoothly. 

The knockback too proposed for the Nairn Swans and Wildfowl trust's proposal for a designated wild life area on the lower River Nairn - will that be another shoe-in recommendation or will there be dissenting voices? There might be a turnout on some of the public benches from swan and duck folk too.

Then there's the proposed ship to ship oil transfers. There was debate on Wednesday night at the NRCC meeing about what would happen if a new application from the Cromarty Firth Port Authority came in with the Councillors all out of action during the election? Would that mean another submission from officers? There is a school of thought that it is essential that Highland Council declare opposition to S2S oil transfers in the Moray Firth before they break up for election. Liz and Laurie were at the River Community Council meeting on Wednesday night and they indicated that they strongly wished to see a recommendation for such going from the Nairnshire Committee to last full Council meeting of this term of office. 

It's the nearest thing we have to local democracy folks - worth popping into the Courthouse tomorrow at around 10.30 am if you have some time to spare?

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Anonymous said...

Great news coming from todays meeting About the man made island and Swan man and his plans. Happy it was knocked back.