Sunday, February 12, 2017

Screenings of I Daniel Blake raise over £700 for local foodbanks

The screenings of the film "I, Daniel Blake" in the Little Theatre on Friday evening and yesterday afternoon were sold out and from the suggested donation of £5 per ticket plus further donations for teas, coffees and biscuits (kindly donated by the Co-op) over £700 was raised which will be split between local foodbanks. 

It was a powerful, moving film and many who watched the screenings were visibly affected by the subject matter. If you get a chance to see this film please do - you will come away wanting to do something about issues concerning people in our community going hungry. As one of the organisers said at the end of the Saturday afternoon showing: "none of us have the answers but we have to try and do something about this."

This observer had the pleasure of meeting Clair Townsend, the driving force behind the Nairn Cares foodbank operation. The organisation came into being just before the Christmas period, she made her mind up to help local families who were struggling to have a good Christmas Dinner and made up six parcels. She got 72 requests for help! There's a lot of people struggling in our community and often it goes below the radar. 

Please think about what you can do to help and it isn't only about food - imagine having to send your bairns to school in shoes falling apart or having to choose between sanitary towels or food? Just two examples from the film of what many people have to endure on a daily basis as poverty grinds them down. 

If you know anyone that needs help feeding their family the Nairn Cares contact details are on the image on the right and their facebook page is here.    

The Blythswood shop on Leopold Street sold quite a lot of tickets for the two screenings and they accept a range of dried foods for the Highland Foodbank which has a branch in Nairn. Please do something if you can folks, let's ensure that nobody in our community goes hungry.


Anonymous said...

So many things wrong with the system, from the very start where the single mother and her family are forced to move so far away from London to Newcastle because that's where they are rehoused? The cost of phone calls to the DWP and the length of time taken for a call to be answered(or not) which eats into whatever benefit you might get? The expectation that everyone has access and is able to use the internet; what if you can't go online because you can't afford it, haven't go a computer or are computer illiterate? The possibility of sanctions which could last for years?
Why are people still being treated like this, not everyone is a scrounger and none of us know when we might be in this position.
We are supposed to be living in the 21st century, this is 2017. What next, the re-introduction of the Poor house?

C**** said...

The only hope for the folk in Scotland is independence... as for the rest of the UK there's no hope that I can think of. Tories look as though they'll be in power for years, stripping down the welfare state, outsourcing the NHS to their pals. This this is what the people of Scotland voted for in 2014 - NO. You must be so proud as the cuts come to bite

Anonymous said...

I Daniel Blake just won best British Film at the BAFTAs tonight Sunday

Anonymous said...

C**** @ 6.37, I take issue with your comment "This this (sic) is what the people of Scotland voted for in 2014 - NO.". This is not what the people of Scotland voted for, this is what some of the people of Scotland voted for.

I pray and hope that the people of Scotland are given a second chance and this time - they get it right. If we don't we are truly (in the words of Dad's Army's Pte Frazer) doomed.

Anonymous said...

Thatcher didn't believe in a caring society.
The perversity known as UKIP now appears to have become the political "mainstream centre ground " of much of England.
One led to the other over the course of 40 years.
There are of course many societies - mainly Scandinavian - but also Canada and New Zealand, who have much more positive values than those increasingly evidenced by Westminster.
We could, should and must do better.
Perhaps "I,Daniel Blake" is a marker for the point in history when our un-reined and unprincipled free market capitalist begins a change for the better.
We all know and love folk who could become the Daniel Blakes of this world.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I've never watched such a film. I'm male, I cried several times so much so that it was a long time before I could even speak after the film. I realise that the movie was fiction but for some people this is real life and worse. I hope I never have to face that situation, I once wanted to grow old and retire, no more, how did we ever create such a world for ourselves

Anonymous said...

I cried and I'm still crying. This film should be screened in Westminster and the Lords, mind you, they'd probably cheer at the end

Anonymous said...

When did the Gurn turn into a left wing piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 903am

You know, I, Daniel Blake was made for folk like you to watch

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9.03
Beware of bleeding heart liberals
They may have decided enough is enough
They care about others
They ended slavery, brought votes for ordinary men and women
They believed in welfare when needed, social housing for all
They fought Franco whilst others were appeasing Hitler
Please do not dismiss most of the population (or indeed The Gurn) as crap
"Caring" about others less well off than yourself is the mark of a civilised country

Scum said...

@ Anon 9:03 AM

What a sad individual. The Gurn reports on the BAFTA award winning film and also the generous donations made by many Nairnites towards food banks and all you can do is accuse the Gurn of being a 'left wing piece of crap'.

Faced with yourself or the Gurn I know who I would give this accolade to

Despite your obnoxious and pathetic attitude I still hope you yourself never has to face the trials that now face people looking to obtain benefits

Anonymous said...

I had thought that the Gurn tended to lean towards the SNP in terms of political bias so can only assume that @Anon 9:03 is either not well read or his comment is written in light of the Gurn having the temerity to applaud a film that outlines this Tory government's attitude towards those seeking to claim benefits. Whatever, this person is clearly on the edge of humanity and I doubt has the courage to even watch I, Daniel Blake

Well done to all those who put the work into the showing of the film and the descent, caring folk of Nairn who dug into their pockets to give so generously to the food banks. As long as we have people like these all is not lost in our community

Thank you

Anonymous said...

'When did the Gurn turn into a left wing piece of crap'

Nasty troll. Ignore him, Nairn is better than that

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6.37 l would not be in such a hurry to vote again and again for an out vote.Look at Nicola Sturgeons constituency,the people there could well be the people in I Daniel Blake,She wants to start looking at poverty education and health at home.All she cares about is deverlution,

Anonymous said...

@ 8:46 AM

You have to remember that it was the Scottish government that tried to take the edge off the cruel bedroom tax whilst Westminster looked on

Many people across different political parties support Scottish Independence not just the SNP

As has already been asked, what other route is open to Scotland to change our society so that we don't have Daniel Blakes?

Anonymous said...

Could you let folk know that the mob number on nairncares leaflet doesn't work. Clair is aware

Anonymous said...

The final amount collected was £860. Well done to all who donated and to the organisers.

Anonymous said...

I watched he'd the film at home last night and it mirrors so many people's plights including my own . I suffer from anxiety attacks and severe depression the day before my medical i did telephone the private shambles of the company atos informing them that I had seen my own family doctor the day before the so called medical informing them that I would not be able to attend thete medical conducted by so called "medical professionals" as my own doctor had given me a sick note for 6 months . My benefit was stopped and have not received a penny in 3 weeks. I want to work but due to my condition I am unable to do so for the time being