Saturday, February 18, 2017

Murd steps into forthcoming Highland Council election campaign with Bus Shelter plea to the public

The election isn't under way yet but already Murd has fired the starting pistol with a dramatic intervention urging people to only vote for candidates who support a sensibly sited bus shelter at Nairn hospital. 

Citizen Murd comes fresh from the successful campaign to get a bus shelter at Whinnieknow, now he is firing on all cylinders to get one at the hospital. He told the Gurn:

"I had A vision of where the bus shelter at the Hospital would be best sited for the use of all that would require one there.

Very shortly you will be asked for your backing for councilors to be reelected plus others who wish to stand.

If you agree with my vision then let them know and maybe just maybe they will also agree one should be there."

Murd's vision of a bus shelter at the hospital (click on picture to enlarge)
 Murd tells us that he has been in touch with Fergus Ewing MSP and says that  Fergus's reaction gives him further cause for optimism in seeing a successful end to part two of his bus shelter fight.


Anonymous said...

Thought for a minute there murd was going to stand for election ;)



No could not do that.
I could not say one thing to your face with no intention of carrying it out and then forgetting it as soon as you were out of sight.
SO AS THE SONG GOES I will do it my way.
To try to get things done when I think is for the good of the ccommunity.
I already have all the brownie points I will ever need The support of those who agree with my style of doing things is enough satisfaction for me.