Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Putting Nairnshire First – air of optimism continues at Nairn West and Suburban meeting

Good vibes all the way at Monday night's meeting of NWSCC meeting in the Community and Arts Centre. The gathering around the table only had one Highland Councillor present (Michael Green) but his rapport with the usual suspects was the usual remarkably sparkly article.

It is interesting how many times Scottish Government policy was mentioned in terms of new changes to planning law coming down the tracks, and with localism in terms of health care and local government in general. The stars do look as though they are in alignment for a resurgence of local democracy when you sit and listen to this bunch having a blether.

Discussed were the new Nairn and Ardersier Community Partnership, healthcare in the Nairnshire Area, the High Street and ideas on taking the town centre plan forward that are to be published on Friday; other projects including development of the harbour area; serious money to be spent on plans to separate storm water from soiled/foul water that goes into the river (300K?); a joint meeting of Nairnshire community Councils coming up soon and of course life after the bypass.

There is a definite hope in the air at these gatherings that Nairnshire can get its fair share of cash resources based on details comprising exact data on how much we put into the system. Folk around the NSWCC feel the discrepancy is “massive”.

Alastair Noble said: “This is Government policy, this is meant to be locality planning, this is meant to be paying attention to what the locals say. Everything is coming out where planning is very much  along these lines. It is really important that we do take full advantage and you know that I personally think that Nairnshire is in a very strong position to take full advantage. We should just push on and take full advantage.”

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Anonymous said...

Just checking that the Scottish Government you refer to is the SNP Government that is bringing in all these valuable policies, strategies and developments? More Nicola and Fergus and Drew please!