Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Meanwhile in Dingwall (another Highland town threatened with parking charges) there is more than a little bit of concern about an order for meters

"Dingwall parking campaigners have accused Highland Council of a “fait accompli” after it emerged parking meters have already been ordered despite promises of consultation.

A senior councillor last night confirmed the equipment had been purchased – but said it could be used elsewhere if Dingwall avoided the charges.

However, angry locals claim the move shows the council is just “going through the motions” offering to talk before imposing the controversial charges."

This observer is just off over to the Highland Council website to ask the press office if any have been ordered for Nairn. 

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Anonymous said...

If any parking meters go up then the people of those towns effect need to just rip them down, and if the council dares to try and prosecute anyone stop paying the council tax, we need to start hitting the council where it hurts and that is their cash flow.