Thursday, April 19, 2018

Proposed Forres Road development on Morganti land - still the same application?

One of our regular readers informs us that there have been 30 new or revised documents submitted on the Forres road application that showed up on the Highland Council e-planning site on the 12th April. Our correspondent goes on to suggest that given these and all the previous changes then the planning process surely mitigates more in favour of developers than any members of the public that may wish to may submissions - and there was no shortage of individuals that made submissions before the closing date. 

The solution according to the concerned individual who is worried by the many changes would be for the application to be thrown out and for everyone to have the chance to comment on a brand new application. Obviously, however, this is not the way the system seems to work givrn the capacity to accomodate so many changes. 

You can keep up to date with the latest changes to the Forres Road application here.  


Eco-warrior said...

Application amended to 31 houses from 32...this totally negates the consultation the developers had with the public last December.

Treehugger said...

The same number on application which means comments still stand, although with all these amendments, additional comments will have to be made to account for the changes.
A DISGUSTING ABUSE OF THE PLANNING PROCESS showing a total lack of respect for the community.

Anonymous said...

This is to avoid the developers having to shell out another application fee!!!

Anonymous said...

We recently lost our excellent Craft Brewery "WooHaa" to the Forres Business Park. The old Morganti land would have been an excellent space to develop a small number of local businesses - potentially those with specifically green credentials to preserve as much of the desired ecology as posible. It is far from an ideal location to squeeze and squash poor folk who are on the housing list.

Unknown said...

The exact same is happening with the Springfield Properties 115 House Development on Councillor McDonald’s field st Kingsteps. Springfield have been allowed to correct and amend their original submission after both the public and statutory bodies submitted their comments and objections.

Looks like a case of planning approval through the back door with the people of Nairn being kept in the dark about these changes.