Friday, April 20, 2018

Nairn Academy letter to parents - asbestos concerns after closure of some rooms - "the swab tests dust did contain small quantities of Chyrsotile (White Asbestos)"

After recent work on the roof dust was found in some rooms, they were closed but the school was incorrectly advised that the woodwork area could be used.  

Tonight this issue is being discussed by parents and other concerned folk on the popular Nairn Rocks facebook page.

The situation is also developing with comment and criticism from Parents on the Nairn Academy Facebook page. 


Anonymous said...

Wonder what would happen if small quantities of Chyrsotile (White Asbestos)" were found in the Highland Council chamber where deabtes are held. Would it remain open or would it be closed and sorted?

Anonymous said...

Ask for a copy of the schools Asbestos register.

They cant close the areas effected as its nearly on every external wall inside and out, not to mention above doors, in doors, behind door frames etc......