Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sandcastle competition Nairn Beach - pictures

A great event down on Nairn Beach this morning folks but it nearly never happened because of bureaucracy. However local businesses and organisations stepped in to help out. Here's what the Courier had to say:

"A SANDCASTLE competition set up by a mum looking for free things to do with her child during the holidays was almost scuppered by council red tape.

Nairn’s Dawn Cowie-Mcinnes (41) was shocked to receive a letter from Highland Council warning her that she needed official permission to host the event on the town’s beach.

She feared there was no way she could complete the lengthy application process in time or find the £559 required for a public entertainment licence. She said: "Everything for kids is so expensive nowadays, I thought we could have some good old fashioned fun on the beach and bring a few families together."

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The world's going mad said...

Obviously some bloody jobsworth sitting in an office. I bet if someone had the time and energy to challenge this they would probably find it was all a piece of nonsense and not required.

Well done to Ms Mcinnes for getting off her backside and organising what was a successful and fun event. She perservered where others would just have given up. No thanks to the Higland Council spoilsports.