Saturday, July 14, 2018

The wishes of Nairn - ignored by the folk in the bubble?

As controversy still rages over proposed cludgie charges and parking meters - a stay of execution it seems on that perhaps until we know the result of the Nairn BID vote - but then what? There is a school of thought that Highland Council are hell bent on putting in the meters, even on Common Good Land, and that it will eventually be a fait accompli. If we don't want them then it is suspected that we will have to find the projected cash that they are supposed to raise ourselves.

And after that there will be other pressures on the town too as more and more cuts kick in - there are dark rumours of cuts way, way into the bone in future financial years. Will our Common Good funds and assets come under pressure to pay for the continuation of services that Highland Council will want to withdraw from? 

But we are where we are today and that is with little or no say as a Community. The situation was explained succinctly in a recent Nairnshire Telegraph editorial. If you didn't get a chance to read it then here's a screenshot of part of the editorial from the issue of June 26th. There will be agreement with the Editor's thesis well beyond the ranks of the usual suspects.