Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fancy becoming a volunteer driver for the Community Minibuses?

Originally posted by Andrew Randerson on the Nairn oor Toon social media page

Goodmorning folks..

I know most if not all of you have seen the nairn community transport busses in nairn ...

And the transport do a great job for the 70 groups who use them ..but they after more people to hire them especially evening and weekends..

Did you know you can hire them like you would hire a car ? 

Do you have a dart group pool group dominoes or even an outing to a city or event etc.. well the busses maybe available to hire ..

Imagine only needing 1 responsible driver :) 

Or instead of upto 14 of you needing trains busses etc to Aberdeen invernss Glasgow etc it could well be cheaper clubbing together to hire the bus ..

As for the driver you have two options either use your own (who will need to go through an easy Midas test first. Basically it's just to prove your a safe and responsible driver if I can do it anyone can and Gary who runs it is very friendly and welcoming ) or if your lucky then the community centre maybe able to draw from its pool of volunteer drivers as they currently do for a vast amount of folk ..(If you use a volunteer driver id advise payment of a wee chokkie bar ;) ;that's me just hoping it's not mandatory lol ) if this is maybe of Intrest to you or someone you know please pass along .as sometimes people dont know what they have on their doorstep ..

Also if at all you fancy becoming a volunteer driver hours.. times .. days commitment are all upto yourself and extremely flexible then the community transport need you ...

If you have d1 on your licence all the better but it doesn't matter as it's not needed for all the busses, a standard normal full licence is all you need ..

If any of this interests you or someone you know then please contact Nicola Mackinlay at the community centre .... :) 

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