Friday, August 03, 2018

Springfield applicaiton for 115 houses on Liz's land – Kingsteps residents raise issue they feel has been ignored so far.

Kingsteps residents feel that the planning department have sidestepped the fact that Kingsteps has always been considered a rural hamlet in it's own right rather than part of Nairn and that now the planning department have been ignoring or sidestepping this. One of them told us:

"We will be going to great lengths to demonstrate that Kingsteps is historically and always has been a separate rural settlement and should be treated as such for future planning."

They point to pervious deliberations that show this. All this is quite aside from other infrastructure, wildlife and other issues that are contained in objections from the Community Councils and others. 

The planning committee of Highland Council will make a site visit to the Lochloy area on Wednesday the 8th of August at approximately 09.30 and objectors are encouraging all those with concerns on local housing and planning matters to attend that site visit to lobby councillors with their views.

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