Monday, August 06, 2018

Murd Disappointed with Fergus over Firhall Bridge

Murd tells the Gurn that he came back from holiday to an e-mail from MSP Fergus Ewing in which Fergus tells him: "...having now met you at the site, and having had a better take on other peoples diverse views, I cannot see how this project can be taken forward at this time."

Regular readers will recall that there was a meeting at the Firhall Bridge recently with Murd, Fergus and members of the access panel present. In his e-mail Fergus details a number of reasons why he feels he cannot support Murd. Murd in his indefatiguable way has responded to them all. 

Murd tells us that Fergus seems to be  influenced by the attitude of the Access Panel and quotes Fergus in his e-mail: "Third, I have formerly asked you for evidence that the local access panel support the project. It is for the Panel to speak for themselves. However there are practical objections to what you propose and these cannot and should not be ignored. Some indeed were expressed at the site meeting."

Murd tells the Gurn that there are parts of the Highlands where finance seems to be available to improve bridge access and points to this example here in Fort William.  He told us that despite his bitter disappointment with Fergus Ewing he will continue campaigning for improved access at the Firhall Bridge.