Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Community Council meeting brings in a points of order blizzard

Last night Nairn River Community Council met online again. Half of the council including the Chair thought that the meeting should not have been taking place. It went ahead however and there were multiple points of order and words such as "governance" and "scheme of establishment" were very popular.

There was a huge debate about whether members should turn on their cameras when voting so that there would be proof  that that individual was really at the meeting. A series of three papers were to be voted on. We stayed to witness a six-all draw in the first vote to which the Chair added his casting vote - however there was some reaction from the losing six about procedure. Highland Councillors Peter Saggers and Liz MacDonald where there too and added their contributions to what was, frankly, little more than a highly confusing mix to this observer.

There was, once again, a good turn-out of members of the public who made some quite animated contributions via the Zoom chat. We lost our nerve readers and went out in search of the Aurora after an hour or so.  

Stooshie level assessment - up to around 3.5-4 unfortunately