Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Consultation begins on possible new state of the art Spa facility on the foreshore between the high and low water mark

Nairn Community Spa & Lido

The Directors of the Nairn Spa & Lido Company Ltd are pleased to announce the
launch of their community consultation programme and to minimise the delay
caused by the current pandemic, NCSL are beginning this consultation through
the launch of their website www.nairnspandlido.com. Residents are encouraged
to comment on the proposals and to sign-up to participate in this exciting
venture to safeguard and future-proof the existing swimming pool and exploit
opportunities that could lead to Nairn becoming the jewel in the crown of the
Moray Firth tourist economy.

The project comprises 2 elements:

1. The refurbishment of the existing Leisure Centre to include the replacement of the current 38 year old plant by renewable energy sources.

A new glazed dome containing photo-voltaic and photo chromatic panels to replace the current ‘industrial shed’ envelope and re-create the light and shade of the original Nairn Swimming Baths.

2. The new state of the art Spa facility on the foreshore between the high
and low water mark to include Lagoon pool - an unheated sea level pool with open water swimming depending on the state of the tide, sauna and plant room

Reception, Changing rooms, Healthy eating bistro and the prom extended around the outside of the building

New synchro and hydrotherapy pools

Scented steam rooms and spa treatment rooms run in conjunction with local treatment businesses

Top deck open horizon pool heated to 34 degC with open views across the Firth to the black isle and beyond

To realise this ambition, NCSL is seeking to secure Community ownership of the
existing Nairn Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool via Community Asset Transfer
and using state of the art renewable technologies, create Nairn’s answer to the
Thermae Spa in Bath.

Sustainable development principles incorporating green technologies not only fulfill Scottish Government climate change targets 2 but in replacing the current 38year old oil red plant with renewable energy sources, the proposals future proo fand provide greater security for the town’s swimming facilities in the post- pandemic economic climate. The marine heat pump technology uses a heat-exchanger to extract the energy embodied within the sea in a reversal of the process of the domestic fridge. The technology is tried and tested and operates successfully both in the UK and abroad. With the aid of funding support from the Davidson Trust, a study by Ramboll, an international engineering consultancy has validated the NCSL’s renewable energy approach.

 The business case for NCSL has been subjected to rigorous independent economic and financial assessments by an international consultancy, regional government enterprise agency and a market-leading private sector enterprise.

An economic appraisal undertaken by international consultants Upper Quartile
Consulting and funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) in 2016,
concluded that the NCSL project could be ‘a game changer’ for Nairn. 

The project has since been further developed and forecasts a turnover of around
£4m after 4 years and generating an annual sustainable surplus of at least £0.9m
for the bene t o the local community.

Additional spin off in the form of not less than 57 jobs (fte) and income multiplier
e ects create a ‘honey-pot’ e ect further bene t the town’s tourist economy.
Equally important is the all year/all weather nature of the facilities which will
stimulate demand out-with the traditional Nairn holiday season.

This unique proposition has the prospects not only to deliver sustainable
revenue funding to the community but in the process provide multi-faceted
bene ts to future health and wellbeing in Nairn.

Iain Bruce, a director of the company said:

“We’re confident that the Nairn community will get behind this exciting initiative
to have a community owned charity deliver not only new income streams for
Nairn but facilities which will be at the cutting edge of the Health and Wellbeing
culture, something which will became increasingly important in our post covid

Despite the community consultation being undertaken against the constraints of
current Covid 19 restrictions, we are exploiting the power of social media and
are con dent we will achieve representative participation to enable us to
proceed with the process.”

The Spa and Lido company also have a Facebook page here.


D.Ross said...

The article states:- "The project has since been further developed and forecasts a turnover of around £4m after 4 years and generating an annual sustainable surplus of at least £0.9m
for the benefit to the local community."

A quick look, simple maths:- it costs £3.1million/yr to run the place. Who's going to bail it out if they don't get the sales??

Anonymous said...

The image on the website doesn't appear to represent the description of the development encompassing part of the beach, or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Looks great for Nairnites and visitors.
Could one of the Sandown fields be sold to a developer to bring this to reality?