Friday, March 05, 2021

Friday miscellany

One of our regular readers tells us that Highland Council are looking into how to stop further accidents with cars going into the river down at the harbour. He sends us a copy of a response from Highland Council to Ed Mountain MSP.
The Head of the Roads and Transport Department stated:

 “As a result of this incident, our Roads Department, with assistance from our Harbours Department are undertaking a review of the current quay edge protection system at the carpark to identify where practicable measures can be implemented to prevent a recurrence.”

So presumably the brown bin charge went up by a fiver then with the Highland Council budget being passed. The Courier reported:
“Figures obtained by the Courier via a Freedom of Information request show that the £5 price rise to £45 per brown bin for collections of garden waste has increased income, although more than 2000 permits for the scheme were not renewed.” More here.
Times are hard and maybe quite a few folk in Nairn will save cash this year and just put the grass cuttings in the Green bin?

Nairn Bid are going to consider “outside” directors at their AGM this evening. A proposed amendment to their constitution reads: “In addition, the directors may appoint two additional directors who are not BID levy payers nor representatives of a BID levy payer to serve for a term of up to three years.” More information here.