Friday, July 16, 2021

Could getting across the railway at Lochloy to the Industrial estate and retail park look like this for pedestrians and cyclists in the future?

The Gurn has been forwarded a copy of an e-mail from Highand council that has been sent to the town's Community Councils - concerning crossing the railway at Lochloy - presently at concept stage. The e-mail reads:

"We have been asked to produce concept designs for a pedestrian and cycle route to link the communities of Lochloy in Nairn and the A96 retail park via the Balmakeith Industrial Estate. The route was identified in the Inner Moray Firth Local plan and recognised the need for a practical link for active travel to the retail park. There are a number of significant design issues to be overcome in providing such a facility however the main obstacles re the bridging of the Main Line Railway from Inverness to Aberdeen and the provision of compliant ramp facilities for cyclists, wheelchair users and people pushing prams etc…

The Project is funded by the Highland Council via developer contributions and Transport Scotland via SUSTRANS and their Places for Everyone funding stream.

A number of design considerations including an underpass and lifts were also considered however ruled out in terms of ground conditions, utility clashes, maintenance and public safety/security.

This consultation exercise is to consider three concept designs and the views of the public. The designs are presently at concept stage which means that they have been produced and meet the Design Criteria however are at a stage by where only Design Principles are set. The design appearance, finishes and exact dimensions/location may change to suit future comments, concerns and design issues. It is basically a framework to establish the design as it progresses.

As with most projects of this type it will require Planning Consent and at that stage we will seek further consultation/comments on a more refined design.

Please find attached the current plans and visualisations for the Nairn Cross Rail Link project concept designs for your consideration and comment.  I would be grateful if you could forward the dwgs to the other members of your organisations and discuss amongst yourself. If you could then forward me, Steven Grant (THC- engineer), any comments or questions in advance,  then we can arrange an online meeting sometime during the week beginning the 26th July. If there is something site specific then we could arrange a small site meeting."

Images of options below - click to enlarge each image.