Friday, July 16, 2021

Freestyle parking on the Links now incorporating the cricket pitch - video

Demand for parking spots close to Nairn beach still increasing this summer. 


Bob said...

Well, I grew up in this area and if this had happened then, the Bobbies would have been doon like a shot! What on earth is happening in this toon, seems like it is a do what you like mentality nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I have been down to the links with my family in the few hot days.Its been so nice to
See people happy and enjoying our beautiful place!
Yes.there has been parking on the grass.but nothing irresponsible.
Also.the more people coming to Nairn .the better for the local shops etc.

So if you want the bobbies down with a singular law for Nairn.HAVING A NICE TIME?

Anonymous said...

Visited Nairn with my family in the few hot days we had recently.Yes,cars where parking on the grass,but nothing irresponsible!!
The video shows cars near the bandstand end of the links nowhere near the cricket pitch!
Don't be bitter go down and enjoy !.