Monday, November 29, 2021

Highland MSPs comment on doubling of Scottish Child payment to £20 - potential to tackle poverty in the Highlands?

 Here at the Gurn we were saddened to see previous information recently  from MSP Ariane Burgess indicating that 23% of children in the Highlands were living in poverty. It brought back a memory of something Doctor Adrian Baker from Nairn Health Care had to say at this time of year almost exactly seven years ago: 

 “There was the End Child Poverty report which was reported quite widely showing that Nairn had 24% of children living in poverty. That’s ranked third in Highland. That may come as a bit of a surprise to some people but not to us delivering health care on the front line. The Highland average is 19%..."

 So the Highland average has gone the wrong way. This observer wonders what the current figure is in Nairn?  The Gurn understands that figures are only available for Council areas and constituencies. If anyone does know please let us know.

Here's what MSPs Ariane Burgess and Emmar Roddick had to say:

"Ariane Burgess MSP: Doubling payment will tackle child poverty across the Highlands

The Scottish Child Payment is to be doubled to £20 per week in the forthcoming Scottish Budget it has been announced, a move that Highlands and Islands Scottish Greens MSP Ariane Burgess said would be pivotal to tackling child poverty across the Highlands.

Commenting, Scottish Greens MSP Ariane Burgess said:

“With rising inflation, energy costs soaring, a Tory national insurance rise, and the recent cuts to Universal Credit, action to tackle child poverty has never been needed more. I’m therefore delighted that we will see the Scottish Child Payment doubled in the forthcoming Scottish budget.

“The Scottish Greens are continuing to deliver on key commitments made in the cooperation agreement with the Scottish Government that make a real difference to families across the Highlands. That is why we are introducing free bus travel for young people, extending free school meals, and have ensured government contracts pay the real living wage. We will continue to work towards a fairer, greener Scotland.” "

And comment from Emma Roddick MSP

“I am grateful to the First Minister and look forward to seeing all of the good that this will do”. "

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