Thursday, November 11, 2021

"Size of Highland Council suits nobody" says MSP

MSP Emma Roddick

“Nobody can reasonably claim that the Highland Council is a genuinely “local” authority and I will continue to press for a solution.”

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Anonymous said...

Good for Emma!
Great for Highland to have a new, bright and able young MSP.
Emma wasn't around at the time of the Wheatley Commission. Lord Wheatley's thinking was right, although some of the subsequent implementation was unbalanced. Since that time, almost 50 years ago much has changed – and the Local Government Review in the 1990s was simply a political “fix” by a Tory Government to reduce the power-base of the old Strathclyde Region.
With Holyrood now embedded and independence (surely) around the corner, we need to re-shape the way that services are delivered. Some are better managed across the whole of Scotland, whilst others should be fully controlled, democratically at local level.
Nairn and Nairnshire have a real identity - historically and culturally and socially.
It's time to see an end of "The Highland Council" and re-create the old District Councils again.