Saturday, November 20, 2021

Lots of stuff in the Community Council Shop - including a proposal from Provost Laurie Fraser for a future Nairnshire Council - all on the High Street in the Democracy shop window

It's really worth a look citizens, especially the material from Laurie. Hopefully NRCC will put copies of the relevant documents on their website for those that can't get down the town. 

An NRCC spokesperson told the Gurn that the shop would be shared between Rotary, NICE and 2 Nairn CCs.

Infrastructure first before development is the key message and a Local Place Plan rather than the top down way that things are done at the moment. All in the window for your information. It's looking a bit revolutionary to this observer and all just in time for Christmas. 

Serious students of local issues may wish to see images showing the other information currently in the shop window - available on the Gurn Flickr pages here.