Thursday, March 31, 2022

A question for those candidates standing under a political label for Nairn and Cawdor ward. "If your party asks you to vote for something that is not in the best interests of Nairn, what will you do?"

Update, three responses now

Two of the candidates standing for a political party have been asked this question in the popular Facebook group "Nairn out Town" already, where they are regulars. If you are one of the three other candidates standing for a political party, then please let us know the answer to that question via e-mail at or on that facebook group.  

The responses so far - simply in the order they arrive or were posted on social media: 

Paul Oldham SNP

I said I wouldn't post about the campaign here but the simple answer is that I would vote in the interests of Nairn.
In general the party allows for this, and indeed it's happened in the past in 2014 when our two SNP cllrs for Nairn voted against the party and council (which was then SNP lead!) to get a refund of £187,000 to the Common Good Fund.
More generally I recommend anyone who wants to know more about me and my views to read my Substack blog which you can find here and also, if you wish, sign up to get it delivered to you via email.
If elected I intend to continue to use that to keep the people of the ward informed as to what's going on with Highland Council.
Kevin Reid LibDem
 I have to say i would vote for Nairn everytime. Lib Dems also allow for this. This is why i have created my own page and i am trying to make it easier for people to get in touch. The more feedback we can recieve the easier it is to represent the overall view of Nairn.

Marjory Smith Alba

Thanks for the question. I would always vote with my conscience and principles on any given matter and would not place a vote that was detrimental to the people I'd been elected to represent in Nairn and Cawdor, in the unlikely eventuality that the party attempted to instruct me to do so.