Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Folk in Nairn having to go to Inverness for Spring Covid boosters

We've heard recently of elderly people having to travel to Inverness to get their Spring covid boosters. We understand too the issue was discussed at the recent meeting of Nairn West and Suburban Community Council where concern was expressed at how this would affect the take-up rate in the community. 

Here at the Gurn we just feel that this doesn't make sense at all - what is the point of thousands of people having to make journies in the Inverness direction when it has been shown by Nairn Health Care how it can be done effectively locally? Environmentally too it gives cause for concern, all those journies by car on an already overcrowded road. The worry, indeed, is that many won't bother or won't be able to afford the journey. 

We decided to contact NHS Highland for a statement and a spokesperson told the Gurn:

"Those being invited for their Spring Booster are being asked to attend vaccination centres being run by NHS Highland. This will allow us to vaccinate a large number of the population in a few key locations allowing us to efficiently use the vaccination team’s resources.

Inverness is currently the closest vaccination centre to Nairn but we continue to review our capacity and are actively establishing plans to hold clinics in other locations, such as Nairn." 

So hopefully things will change soon. Constituents have raised this issue with Emma Roddick MSP so perhaps more information will emerge shortly. 


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