Saturday, April 23, 2022

In the depths of one Highland Council candidate's latest blog post is their something we should all pay serious attention to?

 "[...] but Nairn in particular has long suffered from different groups with different agendas spending a lot of time muttering to themselves about how dreadful other groups are rather than engaging in open discussion [...]" 

That wee quote above is in an article written by Paul Oldham, you can read it in its enterity  here.   Is that scenario familiar to you or only just slightly so? Time for us all to take a good look at how we do things and to try and move forward in a collective, better, frame of mind?

There's probably never been a better chance. Whatever happens there will be at least three different councillors to represent the Nairn and Cawdor ward on May 6th. No doubt there will be one or two bigger issues that will need their entrails examined to a certain extent but we will have a good opportunity folks, let's not squander it. Let's get Nairn's future right! 

All the best and vote early and vote often on May 5th - any 4 from 8 will succeed and have the responsibility of representing Nairn and serving this community.