Thursday, April 14, 2022

"Vaccine service to return to Nairn after fears patients would need to travel to Inverness"

"But NHS Highland says a clinic will now be held in Nairn.

A spokesman said: “Inverness is currently the closest vaccination centre to Nairn, but we continue to review our capacity and are actively establishing plans to hold clinics in other locations, such as Nairn.

“There will be a clinic in Nairn next week and details will be published on our website shortly.” 


jabberwock said...

Several figures rushing to claim credit for this apparent change. But what exactly is going on?

Has NHS Highland reinstated the arrangements whereby the General Practice at Nairn Health Centre will run an organised programme of further boosters for local patients based on age and vulnerability - as they have done very efficiently for the first three Covid jabs, and as Dr Adrian Baker has said the practice is willing to do?

Or are NHS Highland simply setting up a separate one-off clinic somewhere in Nairn (in a truck, at the Community Centre, or somewhere else) as a gesture in response to local complaints?

NHS Highland needs to explain what their strategy is. Nairn has a good health centre, and very capable staff. If they are willing and able to deliver a vaccination programme, they should be enabled to do so. Bad enough that the Highland Council seems to regard Nairn as just a suburb of Inverness. Not acceptable that NHS Highland should adopt the same approach.

Anonymous said...

Those big bad people making decisions in Inverness for Nairn are the same big bad people who travel in their hundreds from Nairn to Inverness each day to work in public and private bodies. They are us!

Work constructively with bodies and HQs in Inverness, as Wick, Dingwall, FortWilliam, Portree or Merkinch, etc all have to, playing the “woe is me card” never works and is frankly embarrassing!

Moaning no matter how loudly from the sidelines is a futile exercise, Nairn needs to speak with one voice and make sure that voice heard through accountability and reporting back to the people.

Division and apathy are what fuels the tories, they have nothing else’s to offer, let’s make sure that none are elected in May and Nairn speaks with a clear voice, a voice that is dedicated to serving all the county!