Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Highland Council election for Nairn and Cawdor - It's on Thursday May 5th - Vote early and vote often folks... fact, up to 8 times in order of preference. There will be at least 3 new faces when the electoral dust settles and here's wishing them well (and also urging them to go flat out in getting the best for Nairn). 

 So make your minds up folks, ask the candidates about anything that is bothering you and don't forget to go to the ballot box and to all those who have already sent in a postal vote - well done!

We're going to take a break until we see how things pan out and come back a bit afterwards if things turn out on the brighter side for Nairn.

The Gurn twitter account will probably still continue and if you are looking for things going on in town and a little bit of debate then we recommend the Nairn Our Town our views facebook page. Let's make the most of our local democracy folks - we need to work together to get the best for our community.