Saturday, May 07, 2022

We're taking a break but in the meantime congratulations to the four winning candidates yesterday.

We have been pretty low key for the past couple of years actually with the odd flurry of activity. Time for a break now to see how it goes in Nairn after the election. Here's hoping for a lot more positive vibes for Nairn - if our civic life becomes Stushieville to the power of 2 then that would be very sad. Hopefully everyone will work together with our four councillors to get the best for Nairn, if it doesn't go that way then things could be very depressing indeed and what is the point of reporting on any of that? Worth bearing in mind that only 48% voted too - down 4% from last time, sobering stuff.

Gurn twitter may still be active some of the time however. Cheers - and remember, very important:

Ubhal-ghortan dha na daoine!

Orchards for the people!

Sandown - 12 years on from a bare field