Saturday, May 28, 2022

Highland Council's Moray Firth Local Development plan too complex for online users? Nairn River Community Council creates "user-friendly" form in response to concerns raised by locals

Nairn River Community Council are encouraging people to have their say on the future of Nairn. They state:

"Nairn and Nairnshire’s future is out for consultation till 17th June as part of the new Inner Moray Firth Development Plan.

A range of ‘allocated sites’ are mapped out for future development over the coming 10-20 years as the town grows further.

Please take the opportunity to have your say as a Nairn resident on this important Plan."

NRCC also say on their website:

 "Since the Newton public meeting many locals attending have contacted community councillors to say how difficult they are finding it to access this complex Development Plan and comment on it online."

The Newton Hotel meeting was well attended. Newly elected Highland Cllr Paul Oldham posted a picture of the meeting and the following comment which indicates too that some folk are having trouble with it:
"I have had some feedback from people who are unable to comment on the Plan via the Web for whatever reason. If you’re in that position you should contact the Development Plans Team on 01349 886608 to discuss alternative ways of accessing the Plan and making comment."  More here. 

Nairn River Community Council are encouraging people to comment on the plan and on a page they have published on their website they too offer alternatives to people have problems with the online portal and on the popular Nairn Facebook page "Our Town" they state:

"You can comment via the Highland Council online consultation portal or look out for the 'user friendly' form created by Nairn community councils to help you have your say. This summarises key 'site allocations' for future development in Nairn over next 10 years for you to comment on ( hard copies will be made available on request and in public buildings for those with no IT access)"  

Here's the NRCC Moray Firth Local Development Plan information page.