Wednesday, May 25, 2022

"Community councils hope to repair broken bridges with Highland Council"

An interesting article in yesterday's Inverness Nairnshire Courier. Here's hoping indeed that Nairn is off to a new start with the new line-up of Highland Councillors and the willingness of the Community Councils to forge ahead in a positive direction.

Donald Wilson's article is here. A copy of the letter the CCs sent to the Highland Councillors is available here. 


Anonymous said...

The letter is slightly aggressive! The newly elected councilors are the ones who have been handed real power by the people of Nairn to take decision on there behalf. Of course they have to listen to all aspects of the community and come to a decisions that they feel is the right one in their judgment when all factors are considered. This needs to be done in an open, sensible and informed way. This does not mean that every decisions has to be ratified by the Community Councils - this is not how our democracy works. It will happen over the course of the next four years that decisions made by the Highland Councilors are not aligned with the Community Councils views. This does not make the decision wrong - just that they have settled on a different point of view on what is the best outcome. Many of these issues are not black and white and are mixed up in a wider a context that is not going to change anytime soon (Reformation of the housing market, reforming local democracy, delivering long term infrastructure etc. etc.). What needs to happen is for everyone to "Box Clever" so we can find ways to make the most of what is on offer before someone else does! Here is hoping for a very positive future for Nairn as the town defiantly feels it is on the up!

Graisg said...

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