Thursday, May 12, 2022

Ariane Burgess MSP encourages Inverness and Nairn folk to share their vision for a ‘green transport corridor’ between Inverness and Aberdeen

"Today the Scottish Government have launched a consultation about the future of the A96 Corridor [1] 


Scottish Greens MSP Ariane Burgess is encouraging organisations and individuals to fill in the consultation to ensure that the voices of those who walk, wheel and cycle are represented.  


Greens believe that this consultation is an opportunity to present and support a ‘green transport corridor’ between the two northern cities. 


Ariane Burgess MSP has said,  


“For many years, dualling the A96 has been seen as a magic bullet to traffic problems in the North East but we cannot road-build our way to net zero. 


Cheap, reliable public transport which can facilitate commuting, safe active travel infrastructure, dualling the Inverness-Aberdeen train line to encourage freight as an alternative to haulage and world class EV charging infrastructure as well as safety upgrades and bypasses which improve the quality of life in towns bisected by the A96 should be part of the discussion. 


I want to ensure that there is maximum engagement and that our Region leads the way in Scotland for inter-city connections that work for people and the planet.” 






1 Survey A96 Corridor Review Feedback Survey ( 


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