Thursday, August 25, 2005

Allotment holders dig in?

Uncertaintly of where the red line is drawn on the map over Sandown developments have motivated allotment holders on the Sandown lands to organise themselves. They are to form an organisation to protect their interests. Here are the details if anyone is interested.
Sandown Allotment Holders Association
Inaugral meeting on Wed 31st August at 7.30 in Nairn Community Centre.

Those waiting to be allocated an allotment are also welcome.


Nairn said...

Good luck folks,

Try and get as much dirt on your spades as you can to throw at the fan! I see there is an organisation called SAGS

set-up to help protect Scottish allotments. Seems to have a Ms Dimock on board, maybe you could get a few pointers from them?

Graisg said...

Cheers iright, there seems to be a lot of cac heading the Highland Council way these days from all directions, perhaps they will avoid a bit more by taking the allotment areas out of the potential development site once and for all?