Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mature trees in danger at Rhuallan Policies: time for public debate?

Not many people pay much attention to local planning applications and perhaps glance at the advertisements in the Nairnshire, however, there is one planning application that can be seen in the High Street planning office that is worthy of serious inspection. It seems that up to twenty mature trees could be felled to make way for two houses at Rhuallan Policies on the western side of town near the Cawdor Road. The species in danger include, Scots Pine, Beech, Douglas Fir, Lime and a Sequoia Wellingtonia of a height of 25 metres.

With the pressure on Nairn for housing space it is inevitable that this type of situation will arise but it is by today’s actions that our society will be judged. This is not to say no more houses, never, that would be a stupid attitude but this is about what type of sky-line we bequeath to future generations in this town. It has come to this blog’s attention that as far as the Sequoia is concerned one expert is of the opinion that:
‘according to the Tree Register of the British Isles there is no precedent of a measured large specimen of this species being felled to provide a building site.’ Nairn could be bestowed with a very dubious honour indeed if the felling goes ahead.

This blogmeister is no tree expert but is aware that Sequoias first came to the UK in the 1860’s and outside of their natural environment in the Pacific North West the Scottish climate is as close to their homeland as you can get: thus the potential for a lot more growth exists in the specimen at Rhuallan. Imagine the gratitude of citizens a hundred years from now gazing up at the Sequoia and praising the wisdom of their forbearers.

It may be that two houses can be built in this plot without felling the mature trees, no doubt the council can seek the views of their experts on that one but the views of the public should be heard too. If you don’t think that mature trees should be felled please go and look at the plans and raise an objection to the application if you feel so inclined. Please pass this information on to any friends or colleagues who would feel inclined to involve themselves in the debate about what kind of environment we leave for future generations in Nairn. If you care, it is worth getting involved, this time anyway.

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