Monday, August 08, 2005

Showie time

The grass is turning yellow on the links as it usually does at this time of the year. The first few showie lorries turned up at the weekend and no time has been wasted in starting to erect the rides. Lots of young loons are looking forward to the fun and have been seen checking the links out. Excitement is building as the young and young at heart count up all the pennies they have been saving one final time. (thanks to iright for keeping an eye on the tourists)
Just a caber toss, or a Stones' throw away from the showies, Fraser has been looking after the wickets again, combating the effects of the dry weather. It isn’t unusual to see a massive downpour during games week, even possible on Games Day itself (Saturday) but more often on a Friday night and dampening down the atmosphere and the candy flos. If things go according to form it won’t be long before the salmon waiting at the sewerage bridge and just outside the harbour mouth get a drop of water to entice them further up the river.

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