Friday, August 19, 2005

Thai Tree Lessons?

Dozatrots writes for the Gurn:
Nairnites should really take an interest in the planning application affecting the future of the trees at Rhuallen Policies. Follow the example of the Thai people of Ko Phi Phi Don who have the opposite scenario Nine months after the Tsunami, Ko Phi Phi Don and their coconut trees are still waiting with wearing patience to hear of official redevelopment plans for the area flattened on December 26th. Ko Phi Phi was put on the “map” in 1998 when it was discovered as a holiday paradise after its neighbour Ko Phi Phi Lei provided the dramatic location for the film “the Beach” (which is crap by the way). The Tsunami wave struck both sides of a narrow strip of densely built land meeting in the middle with horrific results. Over 800 died and over 1300 are still missing (presumed dead). The Thai government declined any aid for the island’s repair and reconstruction, rumours are rife amongst the locals about official “yet to be made public” plans for redevelopment of the destroyed area, the hospital remains unconnected to mains electricity and water, families can’t return as the school hasn’t been repaired…and so it goes on. But they don’t gurn too much; they just want the tourists to come back - so they can get on rebuilding their shattered lives. Many businesses have reopened and much of the island is still stunning and untouched by the Tsunami. I went there for a day and stayed a week. So when you’re fed up of gurning, book a holiday to Ko Phi Phi – it will solve your blues, get you a suntan and provided much needed “on the spot” Tsunami relief. But in the meantime, check out those plans at Rhuallan Policies!
Ko Phi Phi Don’s hospital – just a few meters from the shoreline on the side which was hit by the lower of the two Tsunami waves. They still don’t have power or water, but the doctor returned in May. And some trees have been replanted (in the foreground).

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