Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lochaber still to be dumped on: more emerges...

There is an excellent article on the Sunday Herald site today.
Commercial director Anthony Delow told the Sunday Herald that the plant would require around 120 workers, most of them engaged in labouring work, but that total could rise to between 300 and 400 in the “medium term”.
“This is major stuff,” he said . “The proposal is for about 600 tonnes per day coming in by sea from Glasgow and the surrounding area.
By sea eh, well could be coming from anywhere then. The sky's the limit?
Local councillor Bill Clark has plans of his own for the lochside site, including a supermarket, affordable housing, leisure facilities and a marina.
He said: “With this [proposal] you’re talking about 210,000 tonnes of waste, which could include sewage sludge and animal waste. You’re taking other people’s problems and putting them on your doorstep.
“I am incredulous that the outdoor capital of the UK could end up with this kind of plant in its midst.”
The plant will produce lots of ethanol according to the proponents but if it is so wonderful why is it to be put in the Highlands? Shouldn't it be somewhere in the central belt to reduce the distances travelled or is it safer to have it up north like Dounreay?

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Nairn said...

But look at the jobs this could create! Full article states that waste could be transported through the Caledonian Canal - more jobs as it would have to remain open all year. Think of the monster waste piles travelling past Nessie. Tourists would flock to the Highlands from all over Europe to see where their rubbish was headed. What a brilliant idea, and with prevailing winds the stench would reach most of the Highlands from Fort Rubbish. Shame for Corpach though, as it an unspoilt beauty spot at the moment.