Saturday, June 18, 2011

Armed Forces Week in Nairn

Starts on Monday at 10.30 at the Courthouse. Why not pop down town if you have the chance? There are more events planned next week however if you can't make that ceremony.

"At Nairn, the celebrations start with the flag raising ceremony at the Court House on Monday, 20 June at 10.30 am. In attendance will be the Lord Lieutenant, the Provost of Nairn, Nairn Ward Members, Royal British Legion, Seaforth Club, serving members and veterans from the Armed Forces and three pipers.

At noon, Royal Naval representatives will make a presentation on their contribution to the Armed Services at the Royal British Legion.

On Saturday, 25 June, a parade has been planned at 1.30p.m. led by the Nairn & District Pipe Band marching from Millbank Street, Millbank Crescent, past the War Memorial, down Cawdor Street and past the Royal British Legion where the salute will be taken by the Lord Lieutenant. At 5.00p.m., the Royal British Legion will hold a Sunset Ceremony with the Nairn & District Pipe Band playing a selection of tunes followed by the lowering of the Armed Forces Day Flag. The Flag will be presented to this year’s senior veteran at the conclusion by last year’s recipient"


Anonymous said...

Is it just me but never noticed any posters around the town or an advert in "The Nairnshire" to publicise the Armed Forces Week starting on Monday how are the public to know about these events?
if it was not for the mention in The Gurn i would be none the wiser
but out of curiosity where did The
Gurn get the information from.

Graisg said...

We heard about it from a regular reader and then checked the Highland Council website and came across a press release dated 15/06

Last year there was quite a large crowd for the Saturday march and hopefuly there will be a good turnout again this year.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your reply Craisg regarding Armed Forces Week,much appreciated.


Only a handful of spectators gathered to watch the flag raising ceremony at the courthouse
which leaves me wondering can the locals not be arsed or is it due to very poor publicity regarding Armed Forces Week as anonymous made in his statement, if the misses did not nag me to go down the street as we had ran out of teabags & to get a packet of hobnobs at the co-opie an ex Queens Own Highlander this morning would have missed the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

well i hadnt heard about it unil after it was over and we had people coming into the shop who mentioned it

Corporal Grumpy said...

Can i assure the good folk of Nairn that they did not miss a thing by not attending the flagraising at the courthouse its just a very basic ceremony lasting no more than 10minutes with some members of the local Legion Club & even less from the Seaforth Club, 3 Army Cadets,a few
soldiers, RAF officers,2pipers,
Sandy Park, Liz Macdonald,Graeme Marsden,Provost Fraser, The Lord Lieutenant who says a few words
and Brian the council worker who pulls the rope to raise the flag,
thats it folks.