Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Could "Nairnshire Waste Busters" get off the ground?

Tommy Hogg told last night's meeting of River CC that he had been approached by Graham Vine of West CC about the possibilty of setting up a copy of the successful Moray Waste Busters operation in Nairn.
The idea received strong backing from Tommy's fellow community councillors and he is to go through to Forres with Graham on an official visit to Waste Busters. Liz revealed that the town's four Highland Councillors had received an e-mail from an individual along the same lines seeking their backing to set-up such an operation. Liz said she would put the individual concerned in touch with Tommy and Graham.
Graham Marsden suggested that there was certainly space up at Balmakeith for such an operation with the bonus that everything that would be recycled would not go to landfill which costs money.

It was felt at the meeting that this idea would be an ideal item to add to the agenda of the first meeting of the Combined Community Council Forum. We could certainly do with such a facility in Nairn and I'm sure Gurnites will add their support to Tommy and Graham's proposal, in the meantime anyone looking for a bargain might want to visit the Moray Waste busters facilities. There's no shortage of recycled goods and objects there at bargain prices and this observer was particularly struck by the large amount of golf clubs that were available.


Tiptoes Of Nairn said...

What a superb idea. They should off done this years ago. Iam sure the people of Nairn would give this there 100% backing all the way and it would provide jobs volantary and full time and you could get different groups from all orginzations involved selling Bicycles/Electrical stuff/Furniture/ Even worms for fishing. Basically anything that can be recycled especially when Sainburys open there will be a lot of waist. I wonder what they will call the place when it opens any ideas Gurnites.

Anonymous said...

If this got off the ground any premises would have to be in the town area and not out at the current 'recycling' centre.

Anonymous said...

It boarders on criminal when you see as to what people take to the council Grantown Road site to be dumped, so yes please to our very own waste busters

Shame all the arm twisting is over for useful items like traffic lights or perhaps Sainsburys might have given a bit of their land over to such a project

Anonymous said...

I agree no use 4 miles away, your car fumes would outdo any benefit from recycling.

Anonymous said...

Balmakieth would be ideal then you could take your recycling stuff there, and cross the road to do your shopping. Why didn't the council put the whole recycling plant there in the first place instead of miles away ,making it unaccessable to some people?

Graisg said...

Yeah Balmakeith would be ideal. You could drop off unwanted items that would be of use to someone else and then go over the other side of the new roundabout to Sainsbury's for your weekly shop.

This idea is good what ever way you look at it. Items are recycled, people get to buy bargins and a few folk get a job out of it. Let's give it all the support we can to those who are proposing it and trying to take it forward

Green greenie said...

I'm all for the Balmakeith for a new recycling facility, then we could unwrap everything we buy at Sainsbury's, and take the packaging across the road which would save HC money transporting it from our bins

Of course, supermarkets could always stop using so much packaging or offer a recycling facility themselves!