Friday, June 03, 2011

Dangerous White Line?

Concerns were expressed at Wedensday night's Suburban CC meeting that motorists could find themselves driving up onto the pavement in foggy conditions etc, if they followed the white line on the new pavement at the Sandown crossroads. The inside white line must be there to prevent cyclists from riding into the the regular drain recesses along the road that cut into the pavement.

Councillors also discussed posssible future options for Sandown Farm Lane to reduce the frequency and speed of rat-runners. There were calls for the 60 limit to be reduced to 30. The possibilities of speed bumps and the suggestion of blocking the road off were also discussed.


Anonymous said...

There should be double white lines from Nairn right out to the signs shown on the pic.. imagine coming out of Sandown Farm Lane to go to Nairn. just as you look right for the second time some idiot overtakes the traffic coming in from your left. Still no white lines.. and there should be a box junction at the top of Manse road /waverly road , today was a joke with inconsiderate drivers blocking the exit.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully we are not all as stupid as the Suburban CC. Even in thick fog I think the reflective bollard would be a clue.