Thursday, June 23, 2011

National Bike Week - we get a banner but nothing happening here.

We qualify for a banner but nothing else is happening here. A quick look at the National Bike week map confirms that. Given the above average use of bikes in Nairn that is a pity. There seems to be a few things happening in Inverness however.

This observer feels a little irritated by the translation into Gaelic, there is a perfectly good word for bicycle spelt "rothair" in Gaelic or even "baidsagal" which sounds a lot better than "baidhc".


Bikebug said...

Bike week isn't promoted too well even within the cycle trade at times.

Bikebug in Falconers Lane are happy to offer free safety checks for any bikes brought down until close of play on Saturday.

N Tebbit said...

Perhaps the Nairn event got a puncture?

About Me said...

I too was surprised to see the banner. I'll be cycling into work in Inverness from Nairn tomorrow. Meantime any cyclists passing the source of Nairn's water supply tomorrow can claim a free water bottle as part of Bike Week. See this link:

Ideas for Nairn for next year's Bike Week? Suggestions please! The Highland Cycle Campaign will be happy to support.

Anonymous said...

Next year?! What a waste of money putting up a large banner in Nairn, not even a web site on it to guide people to what the week might possibly be.

If the event is not that well supported why advertise it especially as no events are being held in the town

And as for a free bottle of water paid for by us

Graisg said...

There is actually more information on the banner, the picture in this post was clipped.