Friday, May 05, 2017

Shock results in Nairn Highland Council election

Tom Heggie (Ind)  takes top billing, along with Liz Macdonald (SNP), Laurie Fraser (Ind) and Peter Saggers (Con).

Michael Green and Stephen Fuller fail to be re-elected.


Anonymous said...

Trying to decide what you think is the shock factor - Liz getting re-elected perhaps?

Watching said...

Tom Heggie for Provost!
Sad to Micheal Green lose his place and devastated that a non local has the audacity to think they can represent a location that is a million miles in difference away from where they live. But I guess the people have spoken.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant result for independents and new surge Tories. Seems the SNP machine in Nairn is running out of power. Across the border in Moray it is well on the cards based on the votes counted so far today across Moray, that the SNP Westminster Leader MP,Angus Roberston could lose his seat on June 8th