Friday, May 05, 2017

Sorry to see Michael Green and Stephen Fuller oot.

Stephen was our youngest councillor and in touch with what it is like for young families at the sharp end. We need more like him involved in politics, he's no longer a councillor but I'm sure he'll carry on with his community work collecting for foodbanks etc, etc. Good luck in everything you do in the future Stephen on a personal and community level. 

And Michael Green, not everyone's cup of tea but he was our best hope in translating the initiatives emanating from Holyrood for community empowerment and localism into real gains for our community. He leaves behind him a gap for others to step up and fill in many of the initiatives that have real potential to help Nairn. We have lost one of the hardest workers in the engine room when it comes to getting a fair deal for Nairn. 

That's it folks it seems when an Inverness resident turns up with the right colour rosette then you could be oot. That's democracy and that's what happened on the day. It's all we have but sometimes the system looks fcked but no doubt there will be others with different points of view. 

We await the final detailed result with interest and suspect that less than 50% will have bothered to go to the polling booths again - more people might have voted for nobody than the rest combined.

Long live the Nairnshire People's Liberation Front!